Weight Loss

5 pillars of weight loss

Everyone once wanted to lose weight, but not everyone knows how to lose weight fast and easily without any struggle, fasting, strict diet, or other stupid things. I prepared 5 pillars that will help you understand how our body works and how to lose fat.

1. Calorie deficit

A calorie deficit is the easiest method to sustainably lose fat and also not restricting ourselves from our beloved foods and drinks.

So why should we use the Calorie deficit method? Our body works like a motor engine, but we don’t fuel ourselves with gas. The fuel for our body is food, calories in particular. So if we eat less food or fewer calories, our body will have to use its reserves (fat). It’s simple as that.

Now how to get into a calorie deficit? Firstly we need to count our basal metabolism. You can use many internet calculators. I personally used this one. Then we need to estimate our activity level. If your job or activity level is very low (office job, home office, no exercise…) stick with your counted. basal metabolism, because you are not burning your calories throughout the day. If your job or activity level is higher (walks, standing in job, 1-2 workouts per week), then multiply your basal metabolism by 1.2. If you work out a lot or you have hard physical work 4-5 times a week, multiply your basal metabolism by 1.5-1.7 depending on how you feel tired. After all the counting, subtract 300 from the final number and now you have your optimal calorie intake.

How to track calories? I recommend using apps for smartphones for example myfitnesspal (one of the best across the world) or Lose it! (I have a little experience with Lose it!, but I would still recommend myfitnesspal).


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